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Currine Fighter has released all new Rash guards and Compression shorts representing each of the 4 elements of Life. Water symbolizes Emotion, psychism, mysticism, intuition. Fire symbolizes passion, energy, impulse, enthusiasm, inspiration, idealism, faith. Air symbolizes mental processes, language, intellect, reason, human communication and social relationships. Earth represents practicality, stability, materialism, realism.… Continue Reading

Currine Fighter recap the weekend of fights. We had fighters fighting in 3 different promotions in 3 different states. It was a huge, exciting weekend to start off 2013 right! New products were released and were a hit at the Driller/SEG show. Currine Fighter ended up 8-2 this weekend. Tony Martin won in North Dakota […]… Continue Reading

Currine and Company is very proud to announce the recent deal to sponsor Minnesota’s own Brandon Girtz. He has blown through the ranks in Minnesota and despite injuries, he is one of the top 155lb fighters in the state. We’re very excited for his upcoming fight in Bellator and look forward to supporting him as […]… Continue Reading

NOW ACCEPTING PRE-ORDERS Currine has been following what the guys over at Fighters Against Child Abuse have been doing for awhile now and couldn’t wait to be a part of it. We have joined up with them on this T-shirt and are splitting profits with them to help further their efforts in helping children that […]… Continue Reading

Through a few connections we were able to hear a story about a 4 year old girl named, Peyton Gatlin.  She is going to need to have open heart surgery to repair a leak in her heart and a damaged valve. The plan was to wait until she was 6 or 7 to do this […]… Continue Reading

It may look like a lucky knee or a lucky punch is landed but we all know its calculated and planned. You can keep believing lucky things happen to you but we’re making ours! Currine fighters have no luck!  … Continue Reading

  It takes a real fighter to stand up for yourself and be bold. Only the Righteous are as bold as a Lion. Be a Lion!… Continue Reading

How many times have you heard that annoying saying “I’m a lover not a fighter” We say forget that! Empower yourself and be proud to be a lover AND a fighter. We’re all fighters whether you’re a fighter in the cage or a fighter for what you believe in. Never give in!… Continue Reading

A throwback to vintage racing design. Distressed logos on the sleeves and Victory printed on the arm to remind you victory can always be reached.  … Continue Reading

Currine Dethroned shirt, not to be confused with Dethrone was simply a shirt to let everyone know were taking over. There’s always someone on the top of the food chain that needs to be dethroned. Whether its the top fighter in Minnesota, or the opponent your facing that night, their time is over. Show them […]… Continue Reading

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