Currine Fighters

Always looking for the ones that give it their all. Never quitting and never giving up. send us videos or invites to your events. We’ll come check it out.


Kyle “The Spartan” Todd
Nick Compton
Nick “Toe Tag” Olson
Ben “The Baker” Neumann
Robert Brant
Dan Moret
Matt Veal
Andre “The Diva” Teiva

More to come

 Fighters for Life

Cassie Mecuk- Breast Cancer Survivor

Grace Nelson

The Dingo’s

We thought about marketing differently, we know in our industry people sell products. So we have an idea modeled around the hilarious Danny and Dingo show. We have select people that want to sell our brand and can’t stop talking about it just like everyone we work with. Our main man’s name is

David Housholder

Hous is a surfing instructor, sponsored Utah shred head, and an avid speaker on Christianity and life in general. Not to mention life on the Huntington Beach pier ain’t so bad.